Moon cakes!!!!

I love these things... But they are so rich and heavy I can only eat 1/4 at a time. Here's to chinese fall festival.

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My facebook fan page

Anyone that is interested in becoming a fan and getting updates of my art work.. I created a fan page on facebook.. Search: Gabriel Dishaw's junk art.

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Pentium Blazer 1.0

Today all the hard work has payed off..... I finished the blazer project.

Here is a brief description....

This sculpture is part of a shoes series I'm currently working where I revisit some of my favorite classic sneakers silhouettes. With this piece , I again tried to create a complete piece with both box and shoe notice some of the details, shoes lock down inside of box for easy portability. I also tied this piece around a theme,"Pentium", the name of Intel's chips. You will notice this detail repeated through out the shoes, and box.