Nearly finished

Nearing the Finish line have a few more details but I love how it turned out!

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Location:Tree Top of Carmel,Carmel,United States


Day three on air max 90

Another 11 hours into the new


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New project air max 90

Today I put in 13 hours into the shoe sculpture. I feel really strong that the pieces I found and used really compliment this piece. This is my first attempt at air and a sleaker midsole.

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It's offical I put the final touchs on the jordan retro colossus this morning. I'm really happy on how it turned out.

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It's offical I put the final touchs on the jordan retro colossus this morning. I'm really happy on how it turned out.

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Jordan box

Made some strong progress on the Jordan box late last night... Should have this one knocked out by the weeks end and up on the site.

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Jordan retro 1 colossus

Finally finished the shoe sculpture after 36 hours of work. My hands are feeling it.....

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Nearly finished

Worked another 14 hours on the Jordan retro one project


New project started

Yesterday I started a new project (Jordan retro 1) sculpture. Size 9.5 I hoping to place this one in a gallery.

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Reflecting back on visit to china

Me with my friendly chimp in china.... This zoo was so cool, very little supervision, people feeding the animals a very cool experience totally different than in the us


Update to angel of light

Yesterday I worked on making some minor adjustments to angel of light. Updated her helmet to look a bit vintage or 20's and fill out wings on back side.... I think I'm done...

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Moon cakes!!!!

I love these things... But they are so rich and heavy I can only eat 1/4 at a time. Here's to chinese fall festival.

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My facebook fan page

Anyone that is interested in becoming a fan and getting updates of my art work.. I created a fan page on facebook.. Search: Gabriel Dishaw's junk art.

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Pentium Blazer 1.0

Today all the hard work has payed off..... I finished the blazer project.

Here is a brief description....

This sculpture is part of a shoes series I'm currently working where I revisit some of my favorite classic sneakers silhouettes. With this piece , I again tried to create a complete piece with both box and shoe notice some of the details, shoes lock down inside of box for easy portability. I also tied this piece around a theme,"Pentium", the name of Intel's chips. You will notice this detail repeated through out the shoes, and box.


Finished product

After About 8 hours today I finished one side of the blazer project.

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Finished right shoe

I'm really happy how the first half of the shoe turned out. I was able add some fun pieces to this one that will tie into the shoe box... More to come...

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Made a ton more progress

Today I worked on the blazer shoe project... After some junk hunting which scored me 2 vintage luggage containers...

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Crazy bug

Saw this interesting bug crawling on metal stamps...

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Junk hunting

Today I found a great vintage cash register for disasemble to be used in junk sculpting...

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Swoosh added

Today I got in a few hours of work on the blazer...2.5 hours in total. added the red swoosh it tirned out great. This was kind of odd this red mother board, it's the only circuit board in my entire collection that is red. I

wonder why it was red...

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Third day of work on blazer

Today is the third day of working on the blazer it's coming along great. It's nice to home for the week and not traveling I'm getting so much sculpting done.... It feels great to get back into the grid of things

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More progress on Nike blazer

Today I made some huge progress on my new sculpture it's coming along very well.. I have really devloped a process it's getting easier

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The start of a new sculpture

Yesterday I started a new project ( Nike blazer ) not sure on the color way yet but I will be doing the entire package box, extra laces ect...

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Vacation in Canada

Shirn at resturant... Fruit for the ancestors...

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My name in Chinese

I recently had my name translated into Chinese and had a stamp made..

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Necklace for Mui Mui

Here is my first real attempt at jewelry. A necklace for my wonderful girlfriend Mui Mui....

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Work space

My work space maybe small but it gets the job done! A small one car garage converted to the junk art factory.....

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Famous photo of arch rock

One of my most favorite places to visit "Mackinaw Island" in Michigan. It was so cold that day but very much worth the photo and experiences with Stephanie.


Chicago metal bean

A very cool piece of art in Chicago. It looks like a silver bean. It really does some cool things to the Chicago skyline a must see when visiting the windy city

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Crazy Amount of junk

Just got a huge shipment of junk hard drives and still more to come.... Where am I going to store them!!! I have a lot of great ideas for these
... More to come

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New sculpture --pen--

Nearly finished with my first attempt at creating a pen....

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Thinking of China

Here are a few pic's of last years travel to china.


Sculptures added to site.

3 new sculptures where uploaded to the web site today. Thing are starting to role. I'm currently working on a design for my artist business card. Still in the planning stage though. I want to create something that is clean simple and made of metal....Status on my next sculpture: Still brainstorming on what my next project will be, I'm thinking something small.


First day of blogging on new site.

Migrated my blog to blogger for better support and more options. So far looks great. Check out the new sculpture I finished last week "Frankenstein Terminator"