Chicago metal bean

A very cool piece of art in Chicago. It looks like a silver bean. It really does some cool things to the Chicago skyline a must see when visiting the windy city

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Crazy Amount of junk

Just got a huge shipment of junk hard drives and still more to come.... Where am I going to store them!!! I have a lot of great ideas for these
... More to come

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New sculpture --pen--

Nearly finished with my first attempt at creating a pen....

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Thinking of China

Here are a few pic's of last years travel to china.


Sculptures added to site.

3 new sculptures where uploaded to the web site today. Thing are starting to role. I'm currently working on a design for my artist business card. Still in the planning stage though. I want to create something that is clean simple and made of metal....Status on my next sculpture: Still brainstorming on what my next project will be, I'm thinking something small.